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Hey there,
I'm Andreas

I've been working with the web for 15 years or so and I love it

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Andreas Bergström is truly one of the most experienced and talented developers I have ever worked with. He is a great architect, a creative problem solver and is always up to date with the latest in web development. Andreas is always helpful and dedicated, which makes him a greatly appreciated colleague and consultant. Fun to work with and genuinely a stand up guy!

Kind words by esteemed colleague Fredrik (via LinkedIn)

Andreas Bergström

33 years old, currently @ Comprend as Head of Tech/senior consultant based in Stockholm, Sweden and love creating fun stuff for the web.

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Andreas in brief

I thrive when I’m leading teams building large scale solutions with complex integrations to other systems and when I get to coach and help colleagues improve as developers and people.

Building on 17 years of experience as a consultant focused on the Microsoft technology stack, I have a deep technical understanding and have delivered a countless number of projects built with products like Episerver and Sitecore. Recently, I’ve successfully advised enterprise size clients on digital transformation and what it means to their business as well as help building client’s own teams and competencies.

I’m very passionate about ALM and continuous delivery models, leveraging automation and cloud services like Microsoft Azure to provide high quality and scalability while shortening time to market, allowing developers to focus on the right things.

Work Experience

CTO & Business Unit manager – Comprend (2014-present)

Executive leadership and responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning and implementation, working closely together with Group Head of IT. Manage and deliver large scale projects with hybrid teams consisting of own consultants, and client’s consultants both in-house and offshore. Senior advisory to clients as solution architect and developer.

Senior solutions architect & lead developer – Ottoboni (2012-2013)

Senior web developer, tech lead in large EPiServer projects. Also tech lead for a 25+ site project based on Sitecore CMS.

Head of Development, senior consultant – Metamatrix (2008-2013)

Responsible for the development team and ScrumMaster. Working with Content Management systems like Sitecore and EPiServer. Building custom solutions using .NET Framework. Part of the company management team.

two-time Sitecore MVP (once 2010 and then again 2013).

Web Developer – Capto Pension Consulting (2006-2008)

Part of a team that built a portal for employees to manage their pension portfolio. Did front-end development and back-end integrations with other systems.

Systems developer – Mycom (2005-2007)

Responsible for development of e-commerce platform with in-store systems, inventory and customer tracking and marketing.

Front-end developer – Orbitsville (2004-2005)

Build websites based on custom CMS for, among others, a large pharmaceutical company.

Web developer – Interfolio (2000-2004)

Developed and maintained websites based on a custom built CMS as well as Sitecore.


Sitecore MVP 2013

Sitecore MVP 2010